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Welcome to Awen-Arts Integrative Wellness. Awen-Arts provides support services rooted in practices that inspire wellness in daily life and during pivotal life experiences. A foundational tenet of our philosophy is to explore experiences of life in ways that inspire wonder and curiosity, while honing skillful, mindful action toward optimal outcomes.

In Welsh tradition awen (ah-wen) is the ‘inspiration’ of the arts; the muse of creative expression-the spark that animates 'inspiring one to life.'

Inspiring Life

In our practice, living an inspired life is to creatively engage thought and action in exploring what is compelling about our humanness. With our multisensory abilities of perception—physical and cognitive, we have the potential to sense our experiences with pointed integrated engagement—bringing about keener awareness of life within and around us. 

Nature exploration and creative expression in various forms—are integrative methods of engaging each sense-including our cognitive sense, inviting an integrated awareness and greater potential toward deeper states of equanimity.


  • Expressive Arts Facilitation for Life Enrichment
  • Grief and Loss Counseling
  • Health and Wellness Consultation
  • Movement Facilitation
  • Nature-based Experiences inspired by naturalist studies and Ecopsychology- The skillful application of ecological insights to the practice of psychotherapy and the discovery of our emotional bond with the planet. ~Theodore Roszak

An Invitation: My approach invites inquisitiveness while my methods encourage attentive action toward actualizing an inspired life. Awen-Arts provides a sensory platform for the inquisitive mind to step into this most fascinating and sometimes confounding orbit of life.

Thank you kindly for stopping by...                                                           

Wendy Kathryn Tucker, ATR, CYT   

~Artist ~ Expressive Arts Therapist~
~Bereavement Counselor~
~Wellness Consultant~  

Description: Classes~Groups~Programs

T'ai Chi Ch'uan

T'ai Chi Ch’uan (Yang condensed form), often referred to as meditation in motion, is a movement practice that helps establish a calm, peaceful state of being. The movement incorporates a series of postures that flow gently one into the other as it promotes musculosketetal balance, flexibility and strength. What began in ancient China as an internal martial art system, has expanded into a time-honored wellness discipline. With regular practice, t'ai chi directs one's physiology and inner resolve toward  enhanced physical awareness, mental alertness and overall wellbeing. 

Taoist Yoga & Chi Yoga

Taoist Yoga comprises numerous Chi Kung programs/movements, giving particular attention to T'ai Chi Ruler-a system using a wooden dowel held between the palms to aid in aligning breath-movement-cognition. Additional focus is geared toward the Grasp Sparrow's Tail section of T'ai Chi Ch'uan.

Chi Yoga is an integration of Chi Kung and Hatha Yoga, where postures are practiced in a style that synchronizes breath and movement. Each series aides in the restoration and maintenance of balance, strength, flexibility and overall peacefulness.  

Bodies in Balance

Bodies in Balance is a movement program designed to promote body awareness through mindful-deliberate methods of movement. These methods support increased strength, balance, flexibility and overall wellbeing. Class content includes both walking and seated meditation techniques.

Expressions of Living

Expressions of Living is an experiential program using creative expression—writing, visual art, movement—combined with discussion, to explore how we uniquely perceive, interact with and communicate daily life and impactful life experiences. This process is designed to bring greater attention and mindfulness to these experiences, allowing for deeper life-enrichment and meaningful interactions with ourselves and others.  

Reconnecting with Life after Loss

  Reconnecting with Life after Loss is a bereavement support group for individuals grieving the death of a loved one, who feel they have healed adequately to enable a focus on life beyond their loved-one’s death. This supportive process companions the bereaved as they transition into life without their loved one and centers on establishing a renewed sense of self, purpose and personal interest. 

*Each of the six sessions follows a particular theme and has an accompanying creative activity. 

'Moving' through Grief & The 'Nature' of Grief

'Moving' through Grief  is a bereavement support process using gentle meditative movement and breath to aid in moving the energy of grief through the body. Class incorporates a short discussion following the movement.

The 'Nature' of Grief is an Examination of Life—a direct observation of the ebb and flow of natural processes. Examination of the regenerative properties of nature, provides understanding of the falling away of things as life evolves, changes and adapts.

*Meets once per week for 4~weeks. Each week examines a particular theme. Materials provided.

Fees ~ Schedule ~ Testimonials


  • Private 60 minute and 75 minute sessions-please contact for more information.

    Group / Class fees vary. Please see schedule or contact for more information.
    All fees negotiable for those in need.

Schedule: Classes~Workshops~Groups


  • T'ai Chi Ch'uan-description above
    Mondays- T'ai Chi 'Taster'
    6-6:45pm-(4/2-4/30) (5/7-5/28)
    'New students-2nd class FREE'
    4-classes: $32 ~ single class: $10  
    Momentum Studio, 1028 SE Water Ave Ste 250, Portland

    *Tuesdays- Foundational Principles-Beginning of Form
    9:30-10:45am (5/1-5/29) '
    'New students-2nd class FREE'

    full 5-weeks: $50 ~ single class: $12 Momentum Studio, 1028 SE Water Ave Ste 250, Portland       

    *Wednesdays-T'ai Chi/Taoist Yoga-
    10-11:30am (for individuals diagnosed with cancer-medical clearance required)
    free of charge
    Legacy Good Samaritan Medical Center, Portland
  • Bodies In Balance-description above Thursdays 4-5pm (for individuals diagnosed with cancer-medical clearance required)
    free of charge
    Legacy Good Samaritan Medical Center, Portland

Workshops ~ Groups ~ Programs

  • Expressions of Living- description above
    Saturday May 5th - 1:00-3:00pm
    $40 - includes all materials
    Registration Required-please contact for more information

  • Reconnecting with Life after Loss- tba
  • 'Moving' through Grief- coming in May
  • The 'Nature' of Grief- tba
  • KIDZ: Kids in the Discovery Zone- tba


  • Both-my doctor and physical therapist applaud the physical awareness and peace I've gained from practicing T'ai Chi.

  • My classes with you many years ago helped me rehabilitate my knee after an ACL reconstruction. Physical therapy didn't get me back to skiing, but you did!

  • The 'Reconnecting with Life after Loss' group was absolutely outstanding. I'm deeply appreciative of the guidance, compassion and improvement offered by its excellent facilitator.
  • 'The Nature of Grief' group refreshed my wounded spirit. The process touched me deeply...Nature has elements of strength scattered all over, with fragile new life that's tough and resilient, always reseeding itself-starting anew.

  •  Using creative expression helped me channel emotions that were trapped...
  • 'The idea of adult art therapy is a wonderful concept and Wendy has implemented that concept admirably. I began working with Wendy after receiving a stem cell transplant for Multiple Myeloma. Her help in dealing with an incurable cancer was invaluable. Her open-mindedness, broad perspectives and range of knowledge were a great benefit in helping me heal. Occasionally in our lives we meet the right person at the right time, Wendy was such a person in my life.'




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